Call for Entries: Encyclopedia of Visual Studies,2021

The Encyclopedia of Visual Studies will inform the field over the coming years as a key source of reference, providing definitions of terms and conceptual overviews of issues and topics in visual studies. The encyclopedia will comprise between 500 and 800 alphabetically ordered entries, covering a comprehensive range of topics. Concise entries will present accessible and condensed overviews of each topic. A list of key references will suggest directions for further exploration. The goal of the encyclopedia is to provide the most comprehensive collection of authoritative entries on Visual Studies available, written in a style accessible to academic and non-academic audiences alike.

We aim to publish a work of tertiary literature, which provides summarized information derived from primary or secondary sources, not original research. It will comprise established information in the particular field and contain digested knowledge in an easily accessible format. The level of contributions will be such that a graduate student can benefit from a contribution that is not from his or her area of expertise. Each contribution should stand on its own without an assumption that a reader will see any other portion of the work.

Open Access

Encyclopaedia entries will be published Open Access (CC-BY) in the journal Visual Methodologies funded by a subsidised APC for entries following acceptance. When completed, the full work will be published as an e-book.


All entries must be submitted through our online platform at

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